Health Benefits of a Cycling Commute

By fbhut | Health

May 02
health benefits of cycling commute

Everyone knows that staying active is important. Indeed, it has been reported that people who take 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day (along with maintaining healthy diet, weight, not smoking or drinking too much!) live longer than others. So what better way to get your 30 minutes than getting off the subway earlier or ditching the car for a bike?

Still not convinced? Here’s some other great reasons to buy a folding bike for your commute:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness — If you work out in the gym or run regular cycling will help your overall physical fitness.
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility — Have you seen the size of Scottish Olympic cyclists Chris Hoy’s thighs? We can’t promise those kind of results but your muscles will grow.
  • Improved joint mobility — Like other low impact cardio your joints will become more flexible.
  • Decreased stress levels – regular exercise has not only be proven to decrease stress it can also improve concentration.
  • Improved posture and coordination – Yes, your posture and hand-eye gets a boost too!
  • Strengthened bones — It’s not just milk that’s good for your bones. Cycling is too.
  • Decreased body fat levels — Maintaining a healthy diet, along with regular exercise can help you keep your BMI at the right level.
  • Prevention or management of disease — That’s right, more active people get less sick.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression — though inner city cycling can sometimes be a chore regular exercise can is proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

Of course, buying a folding bike is also better fore the environment than a gas-guzzler and, after the initial outlay; you will also feel the benefits in your wallet too. We love folding bikes and we want you to too!

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